There are a lot of merch-related reasons that sweeten next month's San Diego Comic-Con International, but for fans who collect Diamond Select Toys and Art Asylum's Marvel Minimates, it's practically a holiday. Toys "R" Us will offer a Comic-Con exclusive Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates set featuring Red Hulk, Zero, Stealth Armor Iron Man and Morrigan at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343), joining DST's other MvC3 set, a Disney Store FF set and an Action Figure Xpress Thor set. That's a lot of Minimating.According to, the new MvC3 Minimates will be available at Comic-Con July 20-24, with a limited quantity being sold at's special Comic-Con portal beginning July 24.

This exclusive marks Red Hulk's second Minimate release, providing Rulk fans with a significantly hulkier alternative to his initial Wave 25 'mate. In the context of the game this Red Hulk isn't necessarily a separate identity from the Green Hulk so much as an alternate color scheme on the same dude, but it's nice to pretend he is for the sake of having another character.

See a larger image of the SDCC exclusive Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Minimates below:

[Click to enlarge]

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