Despite a veritable blitz of new character announcements at New York Comic Con, the creators of Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds still have more surprises to roll out. Revealed this week in the form of exclusive demo videos on IGN, this most anticipated fighting game will let players step into the shoes of Marvel's She-Hulk. What's more, Dr. Strange villain and MvC2 alum Shuma Gorath will also be making a many-armed appearance as a playable character alongside Resident Evil series protagonist Jill Valentine as part of Gamestop's upcoming collector's edition DLC.

Check out the demo video after the jump, and please take special note of She-Hulk's numerous charmingly groan-worthy lawyer-based quips from the Jade Giantess.

She Hulk is presently standing tall as the classic green Jennifer Walters incarnation, but given Capcom's penchant for re-skinning character models, Incredible Hulks readers may be craving a Lyra She-Hulk or Betty Ross as the Red She-Hulk variants when the game finally hits in 2011. It's okay if they want to hold off on Ultimate She-Hulk, though...

Shuma Gorath's return might seem like a given to fans who have played Capcom's many Marvel fighters over the years, but the agent of chaos' inclusion is nonetheless a nice touch for those who delight in slapping opponents upside the head with green tentacles (not pink this time around) and projecting creepy eyeball rings of doom.

Check out the new footage and the Camestop ad promising Shuma Gorath below:

She Hulk

Shuma Gorath

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