Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players looking to get their hands on the latest ports of '90s fighting game mainstays Marvel Super Heroes and Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes will be able to grab both simultaneously in September with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom Origins on XBLA and PSN for 1200 MS Points/$15, respectively. According to Capcom's official press release, new features will include "GGPO-enhanced online play with 8-player lobbies and spectator mode, HD graphical upgrades, dynamic challenges and replay saving." Basically, these updates will bring the 17 and 13-year-old games more up to speed with the demands of the current gaming generation. Don't worry, though, from the sounds of the trailer, the game audio remains wonderfully crunchy. You can view the Marvel vs. Capcom Origins trailer, screen shots and the game's new cover by longtime comic artist Whilce Portacio after the cut.

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[Via Joystiq]

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