Movies: If you didn't catch The Avengers in theaters this summer, you'll have another chance to catch it on the big screen from today until September 6 in honor of Labor Day. [Avengers]

Publishing: ICv2 has announced full details (including its lineup of speakers for The ICv2 Conference on Comics and Digital II held during this year's New York City Comic Con. [ICv2]

Infographics: DC rates its most superpowered couples in a new chart. [The Source]

Gaming: Marvel vs. Capcom Origins has officially been dated and will arrive on PlayStation Network on September 25 ($14.99) and on Xbox Live on September 26 (1200 MS points). [Joystiq]

Customs: Love or hate Superman's initial New 52 look in Action Comics, customizer Stevid's DC Universe Classics figure is pretty darn cool. [Super Punch]

Tech: It probably can't fly completely vertical and cover the moon, but Chris Allen's RC Batwing is awesome nonetheless. [Neatorama]

Photos: Hugo of Not Enough Nerds chronicles the day-to-day life of Darkseid... in a dollhouse. [NEN]

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