We've known that the X-Men were going to throw down against vampires since the big announcement at C2E2, but today, Marvel announced another piece of the puzzle:

The story title: Curse of the Mutants! But just which curse are they referring to?Mutants are, after all, no stranger to colorful curses of their own, especially given the Comics Code's restrictions on the more popular f- and s-words. But it's been a while since we've seen them crop up with Claremontean regularity, so I'm really interested to see where they're planning on going with a revival of Mutant Cursing. Personally, I hope we see the triumphant return of...

"What the flamin'--?!"

"By the White Wolf!"

"Lords of the Earth and Air!"


And of course...

"Oh, my stars and garters."

For more Cursewords of the Mutants, make sure to check out "X-Men" #1, this July from Marvel Comics!