Consider writer Tim Seeley, interior artist Wellington Alves and covers artist Eric Powell are the new Masters of the Universe and they won't even have to don furry briefs... as far as we know. The trio will produce a new three issue Masters of the Universe mini-comic series from Dark Horse Comics to be included as individual action figure pack-ins in Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics toy line starting in 2012. These new comics reignite a toy tradition that started with the original MoTU toy line, which produced mini-comics from 1982-1987 and boasted the talent of creators like Bruce Timm and Stan Sakai.The news broke during Mattel's collector-centric Mattypalooza panel during Comic-Con last week, with new details filtering in by way of CBR's interview with Seeley.

According to the panel, the comic book story will pick up where the original MoTU toy line's mini-comics left off in '87 with the dinosaur-infused "ComicsThe Powers of Grayskull - The Legend begins!" Seeley told CBR that the new tale will finish off "the never-told story that was to be the new direction of the [original action figure] line, right before it was canceled."

Like the original comics, the new stories are not tied to the continuity of the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe show.

The comics will be released one-by-one with the first three quarterly MoTUC variant figures beginning next year.

See images from the upcoming Masters of the Universe comics, as well as an awesome MoTU image that popped up earlier this year on Seeley's blog below:

Eric Powell

Wellington Alves

Tim Seeley

[Via CBR]

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