Despite a soft showing earlier this year, Mattel is still committed to the DC Multiverse line. So much so in fact that there are five different waves planned through 2017, not even including exclusive waves at the likes of Walgreens, Toys R' Us and Walmart. Though the early releases haven't been terribly strong, the upcoming waves do hit some particularly interesting roster choices, which bodes well for the die hard DC fan looking for a Doctor Psycho or Reaper figure.

Multiverse definitely had the largest footprint at the Mattel booth at San Diego Comic-Con this year, but the DC Super Hero Girls were there in spirit if not in force. There was also a lot of attention paid to Mega Bloks Kubros line, which is fairly appealing in that its giving us building sets for licenses we never thought might enter that style of collectible. No matter how you stack it, Mattel definitely had a lot going on at SDCC.

We already knew there were going to be a lot of Suicide Squad figures, but what we didn't know about the DC Multiverse line was that there was going to be a gigantic Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice Deluxe Batcave playset. A 6" scale playset. That's almost unheard of these days, but Walmart will host the set that starts at Wayne Manor and works all the way down to the Batmobile's garage. It's not extravagant like something from Matty Collector (which would also come with a hefty price), but you've got to give Mattel some pats on the back for having the guts to really go for it with this BVS collection.

King Shark is getting a build-a-figure. That's what's up.

New 52 Wonder Woman from the David and Meredith Finch run is, too. If ever there was a figure that no one was asking for, this one is it. And there's a Batman: Year Two Reaper figure and a Dark Knight III: The Master Race Wonder Woman coming, so the competition for that title was fierce.

There won't be any new characters added to the DC Super Hero Girls roster this year, outside of the SDCC-exclusive Katana figure. New additions are planned for 2017, but the fall line-up for DCSHG will introduce new versions of the existing classmates with different outfits. The Training Gear iterations will actually be cast in plastic top to bottom, though still coming in at the 12" size. They'll have a little less articulation as well, and the lack of the fabric outfits does make them less aesthetically appealing. However it may make them more playable since you won't have to worry about ruining any outfits.

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