Party City, if your mission was to blow our minds, you can go ahead and start patting yourself on the back. As spotted by Robot6, the store is now offering exclusive pre-orders for both adult and child-sized costumes of Tyrese Gibson's controversial super hero.

Despite fandom's polarizing relationship with the costumes' source material, I must admit that these outfits look remarkably accurate. Mayhem's costume had his name printed on it, right?The product descriptions for the adult costume seems pretty in synch with the comic (or the marketing for the comic) as well:

Not all super heroes play by the rules! Blow away thugs as the heroic vigilante ripped from the pages of the Tyrese Gibson comic book! Adult Mayhem costume features a character mask, shirt with screen-print logo, matching pants, foam knee pads, black boot tops, and utility belt with plastic combat knives and pouches. Killer!

Yeah! Killer!

As an added bonus, the first 100 fans to order either of the suits will receive a free autographed copy of the "Mayhem" comic, which could be worth the $30/$40 price tag associated with the costumes...if you're into that sort of thing.

[Via Robot6]

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