This coming Friday marks the theatrical release of Imagi Studios' computer animated "Astro Boy," meaning merchandise isn't far behind. Perhaps the most notable plastic pieces formed in Astro Boy's honor (in terms of raw distribution) are the upcoming Happy Meal toys packed with kids meals at participating McDonald's restaurants.

The lineup includes multiple Astro Boys (including one that seems pulled directly from his manga design by creator Osamu Tezuka) as well as his robo dog Trashcan, the seemingly imposing The Peacemaker robot and the golden-hued Zog.

Unfortunately the don't seem to demonstrate the voice of character Cora (who didn't get a toy - who wants a Happy Meal toy of a girl? Pffft!) Kristen Bell's assertion that Astro Boy's guns fit into his butt, but then again, kids haven't gotten their hands on them yet to disprove that.

Give them time, Kristen.

Where there's boys with action figures, there's always a way.

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