Spider-Man is no stranger to McDonald's Happy Meals. He brought a few of his amazing friends along, however, for the fast food chain's new lineup of Marvel Heroes toys. The roster of miniature figures stuck with a core group of recognizable faces that have already shown up in movies, so everyone hoping to get a Luke Cage with removable tiara will just have to remain patient. If you're looking for an audio-enabled Thing to remind you when it's Clobberin' time, though, this new series may be able to help you out.

Human Torch Johnny Storm lights up, Wolverine grows and retracts his claws, and Silver Surfer just mounts and dismounts his board, according to the handy animations on HappyMeal.com. Iron Man, Captain America and The Hulk also appear with their own talents to display.
And who knows? Maybe if they sell well enough, we'll get to see a second series featuring a spark-shooting Dazzler in a disco outfit, Morbius with blood capsules for his mouth and a Rocket Raccoon that does anything he wants to (not that we're indirectly trying to pitch McDonald's on anything).

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