I wasn't sure whether or not I should get my hopes up of ever owning Kotobukiya's crazy awesome Mega Man/Rockman model kit when shots of the completed toy hit the 'net a few days back, but sure enough, it is now available for preorder.

Standing at 5" tall with scads of accessories (multiple faces, buster blasts and hands), the action figure model kit fits somewhere between my two favorite Mega Man action figures of all time: Bandai's 1994 animated Mega Man and Bandai's 1997/99 Iron Buster Rockman from its "Rockman 8" line.

There's a chance that I've been megadosing on the Blue Bomber these past few months due to the release of "Mega Man 10," Udon's "Mega Man: Megamix" volumes and viewing the fan-made "MegaMan" full-length movie, but if the only downside is dropping $2,180-3,000 thousand yen on an awesome toy, I think I'll live.

Now here's hoping Kotobukiya expands their line to include Rush, Blues/Protoman and the rest of the franchise's cast before I buy ten and customize them with paint pens. Of course, I might just forget all about it until the toy ships in September.[Via Tomopop]

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