It's been something of a banner year for Mega Man. The Blue Bomber's 10th NES-style installment hit consoles a few months back, the Volnutt incarnation fights in "Tatsunoko vs. Capcom," and Udon's been printing English volumes of the "Megamix" manga at a healthy pace. Now, thanks to mega fan Eddie Lebron and his crew of devotees, fans can indulge in a full-length feature film.

Topless Robot called the fan-made movie (as well as its 2008 trailer) to our attention Friday, but it admittedly took me all weekend to watch its full 90+ minutes in chunks.

The full film is a pretty big time commitment, but it's interesting to see how Lebron and company adapted the game, especially considering the multiple storytelling approaches creators have used in animation, manga and other multimedia to enhance an otherwise extremely straightforward plot.

Check out the video after the jump to see what you think of Lebron's take on a live action Mega Man.

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