Heavens to Murgatroyd! It's the debut of an Atomics ongoing, It Girl! and The Atomics #1, by writer Jamie S. Rich and artist Mike Norton with covers by creator Michael Allred!

For those of you not initiated in Allred's longstanding Madman mythos, the Atomics are a reformed gang of teenaged mutant street beatniks (you read that right) who were granted super-powers after a beatdown at the hands of the unofficial guardian of Snap City (think Marvel's 1960's New York crossed with Fritz Lang's Metropolis) -- more widely known as Madman -- landed them in a puddle of space spores. Because comic books. The Atomics have fought space aliens, cadaverous scoundrels and rodent-themed super villains, teamed up with Madman and the Savage Dragon, seen g-g-g-g-ghosts, have traveled to strange new worlds and set up a ginchy headquarters in the depths of the earth. They are, in short, some real cool cats and kittens who just dig being super-people.But you really don't need to know all of that to enjoy this new ongoing series from long-time Madman editor Rich (Spell Checkers, Cut My Hair) and Norton (Revival, Battlepug). Focusing mainly on Atomic member It Girl (who can absorb the attributes of anything she touches) as she struggles with what it means to be a superhero, you can get a taste for the new series in our six-page preview.

From the Image Comics solicitation:

Fresh from the pages of Mike Allred's MADMAN: Snap City's favorite heroine is ready for her own crimefighting adventures! With the Atomics boys in outer space, it's up to It Girl to keep the streets safe. Easier said than done: The Skunk, the man who murdered her sister, is out of jail and back to old tricks. Meanwhile, Dr. Flem has a brand new space-time experiment and wants It Girl to be his guinea pig!

Check out the six-page preview below for some old-school street thugs, some "totally 21st century" banter and some very New-52-ish piping on It Girl's costume.

It Girl and The Atomics #1 is on sale now at comic shops and digitally via ComiXology.

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