Here at ComicsAlliance, we've come to count on Mighty Fine for its seemingly unending stream of clever comic book and pop culture tees. But as much as we dig the retailer's Scott Pilgrim and The Walking Dead, its current poster girl for fashion is downright nuts. No, really! Mighty Fine is cranking out stylish Squirrel Girl clothing, along with the obnoxiously awesome squirrel-feeding accessory, roasted back-up nuts. Oh Tippy-Toe, if only Monkey Joe could see you now!Available in a number of designs and sized for both men and women, each $26 tee bears the fighting spirit of Marvel's arguably mightiest hero (and, in some ways, the world's first Pokémon trainer circa 1991). Her talents may not have landed her a spot on any superhero team the average hero would be proud to join, but her win record against Doctor Doom, Thanos and even Ego the Living Planet make her likeness more than worthy of a wear any day of the week.

What's more? For a limited time, those roasted back-up walnuts Mighty Fine is so keen on stocking come free with the purchase of any Squirrel Girl item. You too could begin your crimefighting career the Squirrel Girl way!

Check out a smattering of Squirrel Girl goodness below:

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