Mike WieringoMike Wieringo, always a bright spot in the comics world, passed away at the age of 44 this past Sunday, August 12th, of a sudden heart attack.

Wieringo's work on FLASH (where he co-created Impulse with Mark Waid), ROBIN, SENSATIONAL SPIDER-MAN and the creator-owned fantasy series TELLOS was a great reminder of what comics should be in the grit-infused nineties. Wieringo went on to work on ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN and illustrated a lengthy run (again with Mark Waid) on FANTASTIC FOUR. More recently, his work on the incredible SPIDER-MAN AND THE FANTASTIC FOUR with Jeff Parker has demonstrated how much fun superhero books can be when they're done right.

'Ringo's art was always striking, energetic and a joy to behold. He seemed like one of the guys who truly "got it" and he will be missed.

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