When you break superhero (or Doctor Who) character designs down into minimalist print representations, it takes a keen sense of shapes and graphic concepts to stand out. Some artists we've looked at before, like Jonah Block and Kody Christian, focus on figures, costumes and words. Artist Jeremie Brunet, however, prefers sticking to really big shapes, colors and words that are just barely visible.
Wolverine's mask, Cyclops' visor and Mr. Fantastic's stretched-out flesh are about all that remain of those heroes in Brunet's prints, which he shares from Paris, France, on his Behance page. For most of them, you should be able to guess who he's representing at first glance. Here's one pro tip, though: Make sure to think about ears when you're assessing his Batman and Daredevil prints.

The hair and the neck line on his Superman poster are uniquely outstanding. Iron Man's not half bad either, but the gallery is notably missing a Thor.

(Via Geek-Art)

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