What good is an action figure without a sweet car, motorcycle or otherwise spectacular ride to call its own? Apparently, the folks at Diamond Select Toys are well aware of this need for speed as they've decided to bless the Minimates with some pretty cool vehicle counterparts.

According to a press release from the toymaker, the Minimates line will enjoy a new wave of vehicles in the Spring of 2010, thanks to the success of the previously released Mark VII Viper and Cylon Raider of "Battlestar Galactica" fame. The upcoming wave will feature a Battle Damaged Hunter Killer Tank from "Terminator 2: Judgment Day," the post-time-travel Frozen DeLorean from the "Back to the Future" movies and a M.A.X. (Mobile Action Xtreme) Red Stealth Jet, entirely unique to the Minimates line.

Alternate versions of each of the aforementioned vehicles will be released exclusively through Toys R Us.

So look, these are fine vehicles and all - who wouldn't want a Frozen DeLorean in this day and age - but come on, there are plenty of better choices than an arbitrary "Red Stealth Jet." Why not go with the Blackbird, or even Wonder Woman's invisible jet? Hopefully we'll see some more comics-centric vehicles if this first wave proves successful.

Or we'll just have a buttload of DeLoreans on our hands. That's cool, too.

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