Hamilton, the musical about the rise and fall of founding father Alexander Hamilton, is a non-stop pop culture phenomenon. If you're in New York and find it's quiet uptown, it's because everyone wants to be in the room where it happens by scoring a ticket to the hottest show on Broadway.

Since the show's debut, its composer and star Lin-Manuel Miranda has become a household name and a staple of late night talk shows, and has even performed songs from the show for President Barack Obama at the White House. Last year Miranda composed a piece for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, to be used in the cantina scene, and today he performed it live for fans waiting to see Hamilton, alongside his right hand man, Star Wars director JJ Abrams.

As the pair address the waiting crowd, they explain that they met at a performance of Hamilton last year, and Miranda joked about composing something for a cantina scene, not knowing there actually was one in the film. Abrams took him up on the offer, and together they crafted a song in Huttese, the language of Jabba The Hut, that apparently was directly inspired by Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me".

The performance no doubt left the fans in attendance satisfied, as Miranda and Abrams, accompanied by musicians from the show, regale them with the sexy R'n'B jams found in Maz Kanata's bar. If you thought that would be enough --- wait for it --- Miranda also announced that the song, titled "Jabba Flow," is also available for download on iTunes, and can be streamed at StarWars.com.

I wanted to include a joke about Greedo throwing away his shot, but couldn't make it work so I'm just putting it here at the end.


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