The first Rey figure from Hot Toys isn't even actually out yet, and already the company is lining up the next iteration of the newly beloved Star Wars hero. Though Rey spends almost the entirety of The Force Awakens in her desert scavenger couture, she opts to change into attire better suited for a Resistance fighter at the conclusion of the film. This outfit doesn't get nearly enough screen time (at least in Ep. VII), but it definitely rocks. Whether or not that means it's worth shelling out another $200+ for... ehhhh?

It's still almost impossible to find some good Rey figures in large swatches of the country, and the one Resistance Rey figure that's been released to this point by Hasbro may as well be imaginary. It's good that Hot Toys is doubling down on the greatness of Rey, but they are just swapping her clothes from the earlier figure. There's nothing different about the head sculpt, and she even comes with fewer accessories than the Jakku iteration. I'm all for more Rey in the world. I'm not all about dropping that much cash on a figure that's arguably less impressive beyond the clothing.

I won't debate the tailoring, which is brilliant as it often is with Hot Toys, but at least when the company has released variations on other figures, there have been some true differences in paint app and accessorization. It's rare that a non-exclusive edition figure from Hot Toys actually comes with less than another likewise figure. You only have to look at the likes of Iron Man and the other Avengers to see what I'm talking about. Hell, even the Stormtroopers (both new and old) have come with enough variation to quantify so many releases. Maybe if this Rey had a slightly different facial expression --- which is already only adequate --- there'd be more to be excited about.

Perhaps like the original Rey release, Hot Toys will modify Resistance Rey to have more on hand by the time she ships. Until the company shows some better intentions though, I'm holding off and keeping the Jakku version. Lord knows there are going to be plenty of Rey figures to come from Hot Toys in the coming years. I can be patient.

No release date or pricing info is available as of yet, but we'll update this post when Sideshow Collectibles has the details. For what it's worth, the previously announced Rey (in Jakku gear) costs $224.99.


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