All-round creative whirlwind (and Occupy arrestee) Molly Crabapple isn't content creating art during a week-long performance, auction work for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund or even creating festive illustrations for CA; now she's creating short movies based around heartbreak, accordions and puppetry.Crabapple worked with musician Kim Boekbinder and animator Jim Batt on 'I Have Your Heart,' a short movie based on Boekbinder's song "The Organ Donor's March." Talking to Boing Boing about the project, Crabapple offered sympathy for those who work in animation full time:

I always thought comics were the most brutal, tedious thing you could do with a crowquill pen, but I was wrong. Animators, hats off, you are the martyrs of this business. Even doing the relatively coddled job of designing the characters/sets was a tremendous amount of work that involved drawing objects and characters from every possible angle, then breaking them into pieces. Luckily, Kim and Jim are good whip crackers and art directors.

The movie was created using stop-motion animated paper figures created by Batt and Crabapple, with the former telling the site that they "decided at the outset to avoid software and go with a more hands on animation style. There's something really beautiful and tactile about physically crafting the sets and characters, the way the light catches the paper."

The film has been in development for some time, with its progress charted via the movie's official site, where you can also buy the music from the film.

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