This December, Mondo plans on going out in style... Marvel House Style that is. On Dec. 11, the Mondo Gallery in Austin, TX will kick of a nine-day exhibit focused exclusively on Marvel called “Snikt. Bamf. Thwip: A Celebration of Marvel Comics.” It's the final gallery show of the 2015 calendar year for Mondo, and it will feature more than a dozen different artists from the Mondo family contributing works celebrating more than 75 years of Marvel's comic and cinematic history.

We've got the details on which artists will be presenting original works, when you'll be able to see them, and we've got an exclusive first look at Matt Taylor's Thor and Loki pieces making their debut at the show next month.

In addition to making limited edition prints and posters, action figures and vinyl records, Mondo's Austin home is quite often used to exhibit art shows that fit in tune with the company's personality. Previously this year, the Gallery hosted a show themed around Jurassic Park, and in 2014, ran a showing of Mike Mitchell's Marvel portraits. Mondo's events truly run the gamut of pop culture, and this upcoming Marvel show should be no exception.

Teased so far for the show has been Becky Cloonan's take on Dark Phoenix, Tom Whalen's spin on Wolverine, and exclusively here at ComicsAlliance, Matt Taylor's companion pieces for Thor and Loki. Taylor had this to say about his contributions to the show:

I’m probably most drawn toward the cosmic and otherworldly Marvel heroes and villains, so a two piece illustration of Thor and Loki was a no-brainer for me. I wanted to try and capture a louche and totally relaxed Loki - the trickster and manipulator who is always one step ahead of the game and can sit back waiting for everyone to catch up to him. For Thor, I wanted to focus more on the cosmic, space-traveling adventurer, grinning and confident as he rides the lightning to strange new worlds. The two pieces were designed to sit next to each other, but also to work independently (the shape of the World Tree and Thor’s lightning mirror each other and hopefully complement each other too). It’s probably no surprise that i’m a big comics reader, so being able to contribute to this show and produce some work for Marvel is another big item ticked off the list of life goals.

You can see a complete list of the artists involved below, as well as details on the show times throughout December.

Florian Bertmer
Glen Brogan
Becky Cloonan
Sam Wolfe Connelly
Craig Drake
Francesco Francavilla
Gianmarco Magnani
Mike Mitchell
Phantom City Creative
Chris Skinner
Matt Taylor
Emily Tetri
We Buy Your Kids
Tom Whalen
Matthew Woodson

Matt Taylor
Matt Taylor

Mondo Gallery's “Snikt. Bamf. Thwip: A Celebration of Marvel Comics” show begins on Friday, Dec. 11 (7-10PM), and will run through Dec. 19. You can check it out Tuesday-Saturday from 12PM-6PM while the installation is around.

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