This past weekend, you may have been lucky enough to find yourself in Austin, TX to attend the second annual MondoCon. If you weren't (like me), you apparently missed out on a whole mess of cool announcements (like me). In addition to the requisite vinyl and print teases for upcoming releases, Mondo also hinted at the future of its collectibles line. We already knew licenses like He-Man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Madballs would be on hand, but Mondo's creative director of toys and collectibles Brett Otterbacher had a few surprises for those in attendance, too.

According to the Austin Chronicle, Mondo will be crafting statues based on two different DC Comics prints that have already been released. First, a cast version of Francesco Francavilla's "Red Rain" print will be coming soon. Like the Godzilla statue based on the work of Phantom City Creative, the Batman-as-Dracula piece will be stylized as a 3D recreation of Francavilla's scrawny, bony, fang-bearing art. There will also be a Harley Quinn statue based on the 2014 SDCC-exclusive print from Matt Taylor (above). How this Harley will be translated to a statue remains to be seen, as this piece is just as much about her room as it is her. It will be interesting to see which elements make the leap to physical form when the statue begins development.

The Chronicle also reported Otterbacher revealed new concept art for a Marceline statue from Adventure Time. The statue will reportedly feature the vampiric rocker floating above her demon father, and will also include some fan-favorite touches. Additionally, The Legend of Korra will be getting some love from Mondo's statue team, with a piece planned that will draw inspiration from the series' "final emotional reveal." None of these sketches have appeared online as of yet, but given what we've seen from Mondo's team back at SDCC, these are definitely some promising announcements.


The biggest reveal however was the first look at the He-Man and Skeletor 1/6 scale figure prototypes. The first good, clear images (via show an incredible attention to detail, and as expected, stylized interpretations of the '80s cartoon stars. The He-Man does look like it will end up being a strong figure, but that Skeletor just hits all the right notes. The articulation looks good, too, though hopefully the full versions will have some flex in the legs and won't be entirely solid below the waist. Prototypes often don't feature all the polish of the expected finished design, so it's not too troubling at this stage to see no articulation in the legs.

There are also some rumors being bandied about that Mondo might have a 1/6 scale Batman: The Animated Series selection coming, though there's nothing substantial in that department just yet. DC Collectibles does have the 1/12 scale on lock-down, but companies like Gentle Giant and NECA have been allowed to release larger format figures in the past, so it's entirely possible Mondo could release its own line. They'd have to be something really special to stand out though. Until more comes to light, I'm not getting my hopes up too high. Given Mondo's solid relationship with DC and Warner Bros., it absolutely wouldn't surprise me to see this happen though.

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