UDON's on a roll these days. Just weeks after announcing a new "Darkstalkers" title, the publisher's pulled back the curtain on a forthcoming Mega Man series.

"Mega Man Megamix," is a three-volume manga by Hitoshi Ariga and has been around since '97, but this marks the first time it's been brought to North American audiences.

Ariga's art is super legit as he designed several villains for the series of games as well as box art for "Rockman and Forte" a.k.a. "Mega Man and Bass." UDON's got a preview of the series artwork here.

The manga stars the classic blue Mega Man as he battles his NES and SNES foes and according to Udon's press release, each volume contains the extras manga readers have grown to expect - gag strips, character profiles, etc.

I'm pretty jazzed on picking this up on January 27, but I must confess that MM's chest box in this series is a pretty heavy handed reminder of the character's inherent Astroy Boy influence.

Still, since there's no new, new material on the horizon anytime soon, it'll be great to have more Mega Man next to my old Dreamwave issues.

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