Like Bruce Wayne in "Batman Begins," some of the great minimalist artists - both superhero-oriented and otherwise - know that a symbol can be a powerful thing, and that goes doubly for T-shirts in the case of designer Jonah Block, who we've featured on here before for his Threadless submissions. Recently, he's been cranking out even more simple assessments of how powers and human beings come together, and Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter and the Fantastic Four have all fallen under his scrutiny.

Should Thor or Aquaman ever need to distinguish their personal lavatories from those of their Avengers and Justice League colleagues, Block's got them both totally covered in the work he's posted to his Society6 page and deviantART account, where he goes by the alias "Biotwist."

His pared-down takes on Green Arrow and Mr. Fantastic are far cooler than anything on the doors of your neighborhood bar's facilities, but as long as their toilets cater to people with Green Lantern rings or mystic hammers, that's probably okay.