Kamala Khan is going to have to take sides in Civil War II. In fact, I keep hearing that everyone is. The crossover is coming to Ms. Marvel's doorstep with issue #8 of her current series. The "Civil War Reenactiment" variant cover pretty clearly positions her as the Spider-Man of this version (meaning the initially naive character who switches sides), although the scene of her unmasking is presumably just a reference to that, and not something that will happen this time around.

The unlettered preview doesn't tell us much, just that Ms. Marvel visits Captain Marvel on the Alpha Flight space station. The press release teases us with whether she'll side with or against the Captain, but since we're talking about Kamala's inspiration, the reason she wanted to be a superhero in the first place, it seems pretty certain she'll ultimately side against her, since that's how drama works.

Ms. Marvel #8 is written by G. Willow Wilson, with art by Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona. It's available June 22.


Civil War Reenactment Variant by Siya Oum


Here's the official word from Marvel:


This June, as the blockbuster Civil War II heats up, Kamala Khan gets called to the front lines to join the fray! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside Ms. Marvel #8 – a Civil War II tie-in from creators G. Willow Wilson, Takeshi Miyazawa and Adrian Alphona! A new Inhuman has emerged, one with the power to predict the future. The heroes of the Marvel Universe are faced with a choice. Wield this new power to change the future as they see fit, or reject it – and allow tomorrow to unfold unaltered. As the battle lines are drawn, which side will Kamala choose? Is she ready to take a stand against her idol and mentor, Captain Marvel? Find out this June as Civil War II comes to Jersey City in Ms. Marvel #8!