As we reported last weekend from MorrisonCon in Las Vegas, Multiversity is real! It's happening! It's actually being drawn! Or at least, one piece of it is; "Pax Americana," the chapter of Grant Morrison's multiple universe-spanning superhero series that depicts DC Comics' "Charlton heroes" like the Question, Captain Atom and Blue Beetle in the distinctive style of Watchmen, the classic Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons graphic novel which those heroes helped inspire. The artist bringing this story to life is Frank Quitely, longtime Morrison collaborator and one of the best and most celebrated comics illustrators in recent years. "Pax Americana" is a brazen idea even by Morrisonian standards, but we'll have to wait until sometime in 2013 to see how it finally shakes out. In the meantime, we can enjoy these high resolution scans of Quitely's work-in-progress, courtesy of DC Comics.

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You can read much more about Multiversity in our interview with series writer Grant Morrison.

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