When the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises was released on December 19, it broke the record for most downloads through the iTunes Movie Trailers site and the iTunes Trailer app, with more than 12.5 million views in 24 hours. It seems like the next 24 hours brought about 12.5 million complaints and jokes about actor Tom Hardy's Bane, and how hard it is to understand his oddly-accented lines filtered through the little mask he wears over (and/or in) his mouth.

Perhaps movie Bane would be easier to understand if he tried communicating through writing instead of verbally? Not according to @MumbleBane, a parody Twitter account that lets the Gotham villain share his gibberish rants with followers, 140 characters of nonsense at a time.While most new movie Bane riffs and criticism focus on how unintelligible he is, @MumbleBane seems to rely on some sort of spell-checking software to turn what are no doubt growly, echoey rants and threats into dramatic sounding free-association prose poetry like, well, like this:

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