Maybe the weirdest part of my job is that I am routinely called upon to write the phrase "cutie mark" in a professional capacity. Take this week, for instance, when the new issue of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Micro-Series puts the focus on everyone's favorite gang of junior Equestrians, the Cutie Mark Crusaders! They're up to their usual antics of trying to find out what destiny awaits them when they grow up, but this time, they have made a new friend: A amorphous, gibbering horror that could be anything -- or everything!

Or maybe it's supposed to be cute. Click past the jump to see for yourself.

Written by Ted Anderson, who also wrote the issue where Pinkie Pie saves a clown from a life of everlasting depression, and drawn by Archie favorite Ben Bates, this issue introduces the Crusaders to Imp, a wide-eyed shapeshifter with the ability to turn into anything. For some readers, this may sound a little familiar, but it's certainly something that's new to the world of My Little Pony.

From IDW's official solicitation info:

On a hike through the woods the Cutie Mark Crusaders come across a creature unlike anything they’ve ever seen! When their new friend shows off an incredible ability, the Crusaders see an opportunity to earn their Cutie Marks! But their new friend is hiding an important secret that is sure to have a big impact on our tiny trio!

You can preview My Little Pony: Mane 6 Micro-Series #7: Cutie Mark Crusaders below.