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Top Cow Productions announced at their panel in WizardWorld Chicago that MySpace, the leading online social networking site, will be the exclusive home of the fan voting for their Pilot Season promotion.

Pilot Season is an innovative promotion in which Top Cow will publish six "pilot issues" starring established Top Cow characters, which are currently without a regular series, and then allows fans to vote which two characters will receive their own series in 2008. The program was inspired in part by the television model of running pilot episodes for new series before greenlighting a series for full production. The first pilot issue debuted at WizardWorld Chicago this weekend starring Cyberforce's resident badass Ripclaw with a story by Eisner nominee Jason Aaron (Scalped, The Other Side) and Jorge Lucas (Incredible Hulk, Annihilation: Ronin) and featuring a dynamic cover by Tony Moore (The Walking Dead, The Exterminators). This issue will be followed in September by pilot issues starring Velocity by Joe Casey (Uncanny X-Men) and Kevin Maguire (Superman/Batman) and Cyblade by Joshua Hale Fialkov (Elk's Run) and Rick Mays (Zatana), then in October The Angelus by Ian Edington (Warhammer: 40,000) and Stjepan Sejic (First Born) and The Necromancer by Joshua Ortega (Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer) and Jonboy Meyers (Ninja Scroll), and finally in November, Aphrodite IX by Dan Jevons (Enclave video game) and Eric Basaldua (Hunter-Killer).Voting will commence online in early December after the release of the final pilot issue and will run through the end of January 2008. The two most popular vote-getters will receive their own series in 2008.

In teaming with MySpace, Top Cow has the opportunity to take the level of fan interactivity to new heights. The partnership will be promoted not only to the existing base of comic book fans on MySpace who number over 130,000 but to the MySpace community at large. By logging on to the Pilot Season homepage (www.myspace.com/pilotseason) fans will be able to get all the latest information on Pilot Season, interact directly with creators, receive advanced looks at the issues, and participate in polls. Fans are encouraged to promote their favorite character on MySpace pages and the top fan pages will be placed on the Pilot Season home page as "Top Friends". When voting opens in December, fans will be able to vote on the MySpace Pilot Season home page with one of two options. The first option is a completely open vot, which will not require logging into MySpace. The second option will be to log into a MySpace account and enter a secret voting code (a portion of which will be included in every Pilot Season issue). Voters who opt for the second option and enter the secret voting code will have their votes weighed heavier than those who vote without the code. Neither voting option will have any restrictions on the number of times a person can vote per day. Fans are encouraged to check out all six pilot issues in order to make an educated voting decision.

"I can honestly say that joining forces with MySpace for Pilot Season has me more excited than anything we've done since I've come on board with Top Cow," commented Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Filip Sablik, "From the creative teams, the fresh takes on the characters, and the fans being able to directly tell us what they want to see more of, Pilot Season is a fresh concept for comics. And MySpace is the perfect vehicle to stimulate maximum fan interactivity. Sign up and participate, it's up to you!"

Additional and updated information regarding Pilot Season can be found at its official profile, www.myspace.com/pilotseason.

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