Larime Taylor is an extraordinary talent. He has a condition, Arthrogryposis , that requires him to hold a Cintiq pen in his mouth in order to draw. Working in this way he's managed to produce seven monthly issues of his Top Cow series A Voice In The Dark, and now the first collected volume of the series is available for purchase. In order to promote the collection, Taylor has released this enjoyably bombastic trailer, complete with a Don LaFontaine soundalike.

A Voice In The Dark is the story of Zoey Aarons, a college freshman who killed once and fears she'll kill again. Unfortunately for Zoe, she's picked a college in a town with the highest population of serial killers in America.

This tale of a female college killer sounds ripe for the exploitation genre -- and the coy cover of the trade paperback hints towards that -- but the trailer takes pains to point out that the series is not truly exploitative. Taylor has created a diverse cast that includes several realistically drawn women, and his story emphasises character interaction over "meaningless action and gratuitous sex" -- an idea that the trailer calls, "commercial kryptonite."

Book trailers are usually wildly pretentious affairs. This one has a lot of wit, and offers a promising overview of the series.

A Voice In The Dark Volume 1 is available now. You can read the first six pages below.