We were pretty enamored with the art on the first issue of the rebooted Crossgen series Mystic by writer G. Willow Wilson, artist David López and colorist Nathan Fairbairn. Judging from the exclusive preview Marvel provided us with for Mystic #2, the team's just getting started making a serious mark on the steampunk-tinged fantasy series. It's ugly stuff seeing Mystic's protagonists get literally and metaphorically dragged through the mud, but the book's creative team manages to make its characters dazzle even while downtrodden. See the cover and four pages of interior art from Mystic #2 after the jump.From the official synopsis:

Giselle learns the hard way that the palace can be just as dangerous as the streets in this exciting second installment of the relaunched Crossgen classic.

Facing upheaval in the heavens as Verne's moons continue to drift apart, and unrest in the city as revolution brews, Giselle must find her place among Master Alexander's new apprentices--and stay ahead of the lovely Felice's vicious plots.

Meanwhile, Genevieve finds herself the unwitting new protege of a charismatic revolutionary...and her destiny takes an unexpected turn.

Mystic #2 arrives in stores September 7. Check out our exclusive preview below:

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