Having you been aching to see more Nate Bellegarde art since that "Krampus on Infinite Earths" cover appeared on ComicsAlliance last December? Right, well you obviously have not been looking in the correct places. The inherently hilarious artist recently shared a smattering of sketches he made at Boston Comic Con, and whoever asked him for Brit and a blood puking zombie hit the jackpot.
Bellegarde shares his art on his Fetocorpse blog, and in addition to looks at his black and white sketches, he's also posted a Big Barda print and stages of a Hack/Slash cover he drew. The guy has a clean style and lays out crisp characters with an understated absurdity along the lines of Brandon Graham or Seth Fisher.

He's also got a knack for hipster redesigns, which he's drawn for The Flash and Jubilee, among others. Darkwing Duck fans will also enjoy his take on the Terror That Flaps in the Night's rogues gallery. Gaze, enjoy and click on through to his archives to see the full extent of his art power.

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