This Friday will see NBC airing the last of its initial 13-episode Constantine order, certainly a worrying notion for those concerned by the network’s recent exclusion of the DC drama among multiple renewals. There may yet be hope for ‘Constantine’ however, as NBC is reportedly considering moving a second season to Syfy, and allowing a bit more creative freedom.

Take this one with a serious grain of salt for now, as even moving from NBC to fellow Universal network Syfy would require a bit of renegotiation, but CineLinx claims that higher-ups are considering the possibility of moving Constantine for its second season. Not only that, but if the initial report is to be believed, the lower Syfy ratings threshold would enable Constantine to drop its more middle-of-the-road procedural angle, playing up supernatural horror and potentially re-titling to original comic moniker Hellblazer.

Despite Grimm continually thriving on Friday nights, NBC’s Constantine hasn’t quite performed to the network’s expectations, even as the brass have been impressed by the fanbase and social media presence. Moving the series to Syfy would bring with it a fair amount of risk, but Syfy too has found itself in need of more appropriately-sized hits, and Constantine reruns have performed notably well.

It’s certainly an interesting idea to consider, but will NBC put in the effort? Is Netflix waiting in the wings to scoop it up, like everything else? Will Friday’s season finale pull the curtain on the series itself?


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