If you know anything at all about DC Comics' and Warner Brothers' licenses, you know that with the rare exception of DC Collectibles, it's almost impossible to find any action figures of Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or the rest of the laundry list of characters without it coming from Mattel. There are some allowances however with large-scale figures, such as those Hot Toys, Sideshow and even NECA have produced in the past. If you're looking for 1/12 scale though (6-7"), your pickings are slim.

There are some instances, by the grace of the toy gods, where a company like NECA can put out its much-requested 1/4 scale figures at a more affordable and space-permitting scale. Previously, NECA teamed with Warner Bros. and Toys 'R Us to offer its Michael Keaton Batman (1989) figure at standard figure size as part of a bundle with the anniversary release of the film on Blu-ray. At the time, many fans begged for that same treatment to be given to the likes of NECA's 1/4 scale Christopher Reeve Superman and Heath Ledger Joker. It seemed like an opportunity like that would never happen again. Until it did. Today.

Once again, NECA, Warners and Toys 'R Us are teaming up to make dreams happen. Either through the Warner Brothers' eBay page, or in-store soon at TRU, you'll be able to order an Adam West Batman (1966), Christopher Reeve Superman, Heath Ledger Joker or a giant Batman or Superman HeroClix bundled with one of the following movies on DVD:

  • Batman Forever
  • The Dark Knight Rises
  • Man of Steel
  • The Dark Knight
  • Batman (1989)
  • Batman and Robin
  • Lego Batman: The Movie
  • Batman Begins

Each set runs for $29.99, and is expected to ship on Nov. 7. According to the fine print, you're actually buying the DVD and figure at $19.99 each, and then getting 50% of the figure when bundled with the movie. A bundle is the only way to get the figure though, as they will not be available separately at retail or online. You're basically paying $30 for the privilege of getting a 7" NECA figure based on of its existing 24" figures, but for some, that price is more than worth it. If only some of these gave the option to purchase with a Blu-ray, it might be a tad more appealing.

You can't always get what you want, but when you all you want is a Christopher Reeve Superman figure, does it really matter?




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