After the success of Batman, Warner Bros. once again tapped Tim Burton to bring the Dark Knight to the sliver screen in the sequel, Batman Returns. While there was no Internet to rampantly speculate about what villain Batman should face off against after the Joker's demise at the conclusion of the 1989 film, the possibilities were endless. Batman's rogue gallery was massive and full of great foils for Bruce Wayne's alter-ego. Imagine the world's surprise when Burton, being as Burton as he could possibly be, tapped Danny DeVito for the role of the Penguin.

The choice may have seemed strange, but after seeing the film, you could instantly see why Burton wanted the actor for the role. The Penguin may not have been the first, second, third, fourth, or tenth name on the short list every fan has for Bat-villains they want to see in a film, but teamed with Burton, DeVito really stole the show. As a character many only remembered as a cackling, cigarette-smoking, top hat-wearing Burgess Meredith, DeVito brought a crazed intensity to the Penguin, and his presence on screen informed a generation's ideal of what the Penguin should and could be.

Now, some 20+ years later, NECA is finally giving DeVito's Penguin the action figure due he so deserved. Announced at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, the quarter-scale figure captures everything that made the Penguin such a memorable character, right down to the blue blood, natty hair, and toothy grimace that inspired many a nightmare in terrified kids.

The figure has gone through a few changes over the past year, including several different head sculpts, but the final version delivers a more iconic distressed and angered look versus the smiling portrait teased in 2014. The rest of the sculpt remains nearly identical, from the torn undergarments, to the weathered paint app and stringy hair. Originally, the figure was supposed to include the top hat, coat, and an umbrella, but NECA revealed manufacturing issues would prevent the umbrella from seeing the light of day. However, to make up for the lack of Penguin's signature accessory, five different all-new accessories would be thrown into the mix.

The Penguin will now arrive with his top hat and coat, as well as a monocle, a cigarette in its holder, a half-eaten fish (from that scene at campaign headquarters), a "Cobblepot for Mayor" poster, and a second right hand to grip the fish. That's a pretty good trade-off for losing just one accessory. Factor in the impressive likeness, appropriately nasty as it may be, and you've got one of the more impressive Batman Returns figures ever made. Now if we could just twist a few arms to finally get a great Catwoman...

The NECA Batman Returns Penguin quarter-scale figure is available for pre-order now for $125.99, and is expected to arrive this summer.

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