Even with Man of Steel set to arrive in theaters this summer, DC wants fans to know that 2013 is still the year of the villain. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Entertainment have announced Necessary Evil: Villains of DC Comics, a new documentary narrated by Christopher "Saruman/Count Dooku/Dracula" Lee set to feature interviews with an as-yet-unspecified host of creators and storytellers behind the publisher's most nefarious nemeses as they explore "the malevolent, sometimes charismatic figures from DC Comics' hallowed rogues' gallery" in depth. Among the evil enemies? The Joker, Bane, Deathstroke, Darkseid, Lex Luthor and scads more."DC Comics is known for many things, but chief among them is the compelling, diverse and legendary society of super-villains who populate its universe. From the monstrous Solomon Grundy to the brutal Black Adam to the charismatic Sinestro, there is no single greater collection of villainy in all of fiction. These villains are hugely popular comic book characters in their own right and, quite honestly, many are often times more popular than some of our iconic super heroes." said DCE Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns in an official press release.

Fans who want in on the villainy may be pleased to hear that production on the documentary will begin during this weekend's WonderCon. Those cosplaying as their favorite baddies are invited by DC to hit up the publisher's booth (#801) on March 30 for a chance to make it into the documentary... With any luck, this isn't all an elaborate trap by the Justice League and fans won't be trapped in the Negative Zone or the Gulag.

[Via Yahoo]

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