I think it's fair to say that when I was growing up in the '80s and '90s, Nintendo's Mario was one of the major heroes of my childhood, right up there with Batman, Randy Savage and Michaelangelo the Ninja Turtle. I spent countless hours guiding that guy from castle to castle in search of kidnapped royalty, and along the way, I became very familiar with a world where the traditional ideas of logic just flat out did not apply. I mean, it's weird enough for a kingdom to have a standing policy of leaving a plumber in charge of monarch safety, but touching a leaf that turns you into a raccoon? That's enough to leave anyone weirded out.

And that seems to be the premise that the incredibly Anthony Clark -- creator of the great Nedroid Picture Diary webcomic -- seems to be working with in his recent sketches of Mario, whose inexplicable behavior has become a source of concern for both his friends and enemies. Check out the entire sequence after the jump!First up was a common scene from the games, which, for those of you whose childhoods involved pointless things like "going outside" or "reading books," involved a flower that gave you the ability to shoot fire out of your hands, which you could then use to roast your enemies alive. And now that I think about it, that sounds terrifying.

"Please stop dude this is so dangerous."

In Super Mario Bros. 3, there were, as mentioned, leaves that turned you into a raccoon, or at least gave you the lazy cosplay of ears and a tail. Not only did this give you the ability to fly -- because of course it did -- but Mario could use his tail as a weapon by pirouetting to swing it at his enemies. It seems Bowser, Mario's arch-enemy, is as confused by this as I am.

"Mario I am very worried about you."

This is Yoshi. He is a dinosaur with boots on. Nothing can change the fact that that is adorable.

"You are my friend."

And finally, Clark creates a scene where Mario's friends confront him about his tendency to wear a frog suit and hop around:

"Mario we are all very concerned about you."

The best part? Princess Peach's sorrowful concern contrasted with Toad's complete lack of concern. That dude could not care less about Mario. C'mon, Toad! The guy rescued you from seven castles! Show some respect!

To see these sketches and more, check out Clark's Tumblr, where he posts sketches that are frequently my favorite things on the Internet.

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