Now available digitally for the first time is 100 Words, a unique collaboration between comic book superstars Neil Gaiman and Jim Lee. Originally created in 2010 for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund's Liberty Comics anthology, 100 Words is a poem about death written by Gaiman with pencil-and-whiteout illustrations by Lee. The piece can be purchased for $0.99 in the DC Comics app from comiXology, with all of DC's proceeds going to the Comic Book Legal Defense fund.Despite the auspicious pedigree of the project, very few people have read 100 Words, if they knew it existed at all. The illustrated poem was previously available only in the relatively rare Liberty Comics #2 and as a limited edition print on, so Gaiman is especially pleased to see the work find a new home in the DC Comics app, as he told The Source.

"The project began when I was asked to write a hundred word poem about death. And I did. I tried to make it honest and, given the word limit, simple and true," said Neil Gaiman.

"Jim Lee took my poem and illustrated it, in a beautiful pencil style, turned it into a comic, as a limited edition print that was published by Neverwear for the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, and it made people happy. It made me especially happy, as I've been a fan of Jim's since Chris Claremont showed me some advanced pages by a talented newcomer, somewhere back in the dawn of time, and we've been trying (and failing) to work together ever since.

Most people haven't seen "100 Words." I love that there's now an opportunity for everybody to see what Jim and I did, all up close and digital. And I'm thrilled that DC Comics is publishing it for such a good cause."

100 Words is available now in the DC Comics app. For more on the project, CBR has an exclusive look at Jim Lee's process of creating the artwork, from preliminary pencil stages to the final rendering.

[Via The Source]