Because Japan is an amazing place where all your dreams come true, you can not only go to an amusement park with a Neon-Genesis Evangelion pavilion that features life-size recreations of scenes and characters from the classic anime series, but you can also stay in an Evangelion-themed hotel room with a life-sized clone of Shinji Ikari's dead mother staring at you while you sleep.All of this amazingly weird sh*t goes down at Fuji-Q Highland, an amusement park at the base of Mount Fuji that in the past has been home to similarly grand Gundam attractions. There you will find the life-size EVA-01 bust and the life-size EVA-02 head. The EVA-suite, as we like to call it, features a crazy plug-shaped bed with a DVD player for horizontal viewing; black-lit dialogue and graphics on the walls; Evangelion artwork; and a life-size Rei Ayanami, who also gives you a wake-up call if you so desire. The cost? Only $450 a night. Reservations open March 1.

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