It's been less than a week since creator Chris Onstad posted short teaser footage of a possible Achewood animated series went up, but YouTube user benhet has apparently already posted five full minutes (with voices included!) of animation that seems to synch up with the initial teaser video. Hit the jump to see (and hear) Ray Smuckles, Roast Beef, and Philippe talk about mood whiskey, where educational board games come from, and why scones are the worst.Over the course of more than a decade, Achewood has become acclaimed for its mix of wry and earnest dialogue and bizarre (and often dark) plot twists. If this new test footage is any indication, it looks like the show doesn't stray from its comic source material and only increases its accessibility, especially since Onstad will have a starring role voicing Roast Beef. Toby Huss and Abbey DiGregorio round out the cast featured here, as Ray Smuckles and Philippe, respectively.

The transition of comic to animation is never entirely seamless, and it's a fair bet that some die-hard Achewood fans might find that the voices featured here don't match the ones they had in their heads. Regardless, with Onstad taking such an active role in making the animation, this is easily the most faithful adaptation fans are likely to see, and besides, in this writer's opinion, Philippe's voice is perfect.

While fans wait for further updates, you can check out the online archives of the series, or read the collected editions put out by Dark Horse.

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