When Warner Bros. adapts DC stories into animated features, there's always a question of how many details will transcend comic book continuity and enter a final feature intended for general audiences. When the "Death of Superman" event was condensed into "Superman: Doomsday," it seemed reasonable to omit some details for the sake of a streamlined story. For Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's "All-Star Superman," however, die-hards will likely want as much of the series crammed into the animated adaptation as they can get. Based on the film's new teaser trailer, it looks like fans may get a lot of what they're after when the film debuts in Spring of 2011.While the trailer runs just longer than a minute, it quickly establishes its premise and characters while giving viewers clear shots of Superman (James Denton), Lex Luthor (Anthony LaPagila), Lois Lane (Christina Hendricks), Superman's robots and more. The vocal stylings of Ed Asner as Perry White are especially clear, but played much more sympathetically than his previous J. Jonah Jameson part on the 1994 animated "Spider-Man" series.

The best part for fans may be the clear influence of Frank Quitely's art. His etchy style would be pretty expensive to fully replicate in traditional animation, but compromises aside, Superman seems graceful, Lex seems on edge and there's pouty lips and big eyes aplenty.

Check out the new trailer below to see what you think.

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