The online promotion for this summer's movie reboot of The Amazing Spider-Man movie continues apace, with the discovery of a photo blog apparently run by one Peter Parker that seems oddly focused on watches, spring-coiled mechanisms and the tactile qualities of walls, as well as what just may be schematics for some kind of wrist-mounted "spray unit" device...Superhero Hype is on top of the latest developments in the viral marketing for the new movie, not only cracking a code from Peter's notebook, but also uncovering Parker's POV, a photo blog filled with visual clues to Peter's secret other life.

While the cracked code notebook message reads more like bad teenage angst poetry than anything worthwhile (It reads "Sometimes the face in the/Mirror does not even look like me/One minute I am acing my midterms/The next I am in fistfights/I have made every mistake a/Teenager could make believe me I/Wish I could take back my worst/Decisions but I cannot live in the/Past instead I must become the best/Version of myself I will succeed." See what I mean?), the POV blog is much sneakier, and more fun, with notes about studying "the transfer of motion in physics class - vectors, impact, gravity - it all makes sense, up until the point where theory goes out the window," or wondering whether "a modification is on order" to the number of hands we have. Less oblique, perhaps, are photos of Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy in Debate Club and the admission that "Until recently, the worst thing I kept in my locker was a part of old gym socks... but now, I'm hiding a garment that's even more incendiary."

If hints about secret superhero costumes aren't enough, a hidden section of the Parker POV blog features something that should be familiar to most Spidey fans: design sketches for web-shooters, with notes identifying the "ventral wrist interface" and intended functionality of the device, as well as ways in which it can be hidden using a wristwatch. That Peter Parker: A technical genius, a brave hero with both power and responsibility, but apparently not smart enough to not put things like this on the internet where anyone can find them.

The Amazing Spider-Man is released in theaters July 3. Expect more viral reveals between now and then.

[Via SHH]

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