We've been keeping tabs on The Fictory's animated "Atomic Robo: Last Stop" project since early this year and we've got to say, the studio's latest storyboard update has us ready to see this sucker spring to life.

The Fictory's Jeff McComsey recently revealed that fans could be getting a taste of full-on animation sooner rather than later as the studio is working hard on a special "teaser" to show at an unspecified date (at Comic-Con, perhaps?). In the meantime, would-be Robo watchers have some brand new storyboardage to chew on.

McComsey's post shows Robo letting loose on a mechanized foe, which he likens to Danny Glover's gun-toting glory days in the early "Lethal Weapon" films. Thanks a lot, McComsey! Now I'll be reading AR with Glover's LW4 voice stuck in my head. I suppose it's better than his "Gone Fishin'" voice, though.

Check out the new "Atomic Robo: Last Stop" storyboard segment after the jump.

[Via Twitter @bclevinger]

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