Sam Wilson makes his first appearance as the new Captain America at the end of Rick Remender's current run on the book, Captain America #25, in October. Sam gets his own book in All-New Captain America #1 in November, by Remender and Stuart Immonen. But another story will bridge the gap between those two titles, and it will be released as a digital mini series.

Captain America: Fear Him is a six-issue series by writer Dennis Hopeless and artist Szymon Kudranski, and it tells the story of the former Falcon's first adventure as Captain America, pitting him against fear-based villain Scarecrow. The series was announced at Thursday's House of Ideas Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con.

Captain America: Fear Him will be released as one of Marvel's 'Infinite Comics,' which use Comixology guided view technology. All six issues of the series will be released on the same day in October, in the fashion of a Netflix original TV series. That sounds like an interesting experiment, but it's worth noting that Netflix shows are effectively free to anyone with a subscription. It's not clear at this time how Captain America: Fear Him will be priced.