Sony's "DC Universe Online" MMORPG may be most closely associated with its American comic book source material, but fan excitement is a truly global affair. In the spirit of a globe of gamers brought together by the DCU, Sony's released a brand new trailer for the their upcoming online adventure as part of this week's Gamescom 2010 in Cologne, Germany.

The new trailer shows off brand new in-game footage demonstrating how every player can immerse themselves in a custom storyline defined by their character choice and decisions made within the game. A few armored villain characters are depicted clashing with members of the JLA (with pretty impressive force) in and around sprawling locations rooted in DC lore, while opposing heroic characters seem to aid champions like Wonder Woman in their respective fights against injustice. All in all it's a nice look at some new combat moves and locations fans are sure to want to explore when the game finally hits in November...unless you hate the idea of being able to beat up Batman, then this vid might just stress you out.

See the new Gamescon trailer after the jump.

[Via Twitter @DCUO]

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