Warner Bros. has been pretty good about consistently rolling out images of its Green Lantern movie stars (both human and alien) over the past several months, but until today's New Orleans set visit, few had seen much of the world these characters would be inhabiting. Fans in space sector 2184 can now peep two concept art images depicting the Guardian's homeworld Oa, which seem to contain a humble peep at the planet's central power battery.Oa's alien architecture seems ancient and almost organic, with seamless green-hued structures dotting a mountainous landscape swept in cosmic whirls of fog. The planet's lighting seems pretty in line with the GL comics with an ever-present starry sky and an aurora borealis effect spanning the horizon. No wonder the tiny Green Lantern Corps members chillin' on the planet's surface seem so relaxed.

Hardcore zooming doesn't shed much light on the details on the activities of the planets' inhabitants, but the creepy translucent spires housing humanoid figures marked with GL logos are part of a crypt, which seems a little weird considering how violently GL's tend to die. Either way, Oa has never looked so simultaneously beautiful and spooktacular.

See the new Oa concept art images below:

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