If there's two franchises that DC Collectibles has made a priority of late, they're Green Lantern and the Justice League. Not only are "New 52" Justice League figures bearing Jim Lee costume designs starting to arrive in stores, DCC has kicked off a line of convention-exclusive 3.75" scale GL figures beginning with the Kyle Rayner/Kilowog 2-pack and teased a prominent display of GL figures at SDCC. Now it seems DCC is merging these priorities with a new presumably 6" action figure of the newest GL and upcoming Justice League of America member Simon Baz. A car thief-turned-intergalactic hero from a Lebanese-American family in Michigan, Baz debuted this week in Green Lantern #0 by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke. The figure is more or less a recreation of the hero as seen on the cover of the issue, including his seemingly Earthly handgun. DCC hasn't announced the toy's price point, release date or even which line it'll be a part of just yet, but you can scope out a full image after the cut to see how the character's design translates into a 3D toy.

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