If there's one franchise that's covered the videogame console market (and, well, every market) in Japan and abroad it's Gundam. But considering the iPhone and iPod touch's ever growing role as a gaming device, it's no surprise that the property is continuing to reach beyond conventional handheld devices this winter with three new apps designed with the mecha crowd in mind.TheAppBank got hands-on with the three new titles earlier this month at the Tokyo Game Show, where they tested the tentatively titled "Gundam Fighting Spirits" 2D fighting game adapted from another mobile phone release, the "SD Gundam G Generation Touch" tactical simulation game ported from other mobile consoles and the completely-new "NDAM Tool Box" app that's more or less a Gundam RX-78-2 cockpit skin for performing simple phone functions.

While the games have a pretty vague winter release date in Japan, it's unclear whether they'll be popping up in the US app store. All I personally want is a localized version of "Fighting Spirits," which should be easy enough to localize, right? "Street Fighter IV" is great and all, but it'd be nice to have another fighter on my phone.

Check out footage from all three upcoming Gundam iOS releases below.

Gundam Fighting Spirits

SD Gundam G Generation Touch

NDAM Tool Box Series

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