Gazillion Entertainment gave fans a quick tease of its "Marvel Super Hero Squad Online" Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game last week in the form of CGI images, but now the time has come to debut actual in-game images. From the looks of things, they're not too far apart.

In addition to new images, Gazillion's got a video trailer demonstrating the game's tone. Judging from the bread-slicing Wolverine (wearing a "I 'Maple Leaf' Canada" apron, no less), it seems to synch up with Cartoon Network's "Super Hero Squad Show" and Hasbro's toy line just fine.

Joystiq has a full gallery of the in-game images, which seem to demonstrate both combat and some of the social aspects of the game. Spider-Man fans should especially enjoy seeing the Webslinger, who has yet to appear in the CN animated series and probably won't until at least after season 2.

Check out the surprisingly (or unsurprisingly, depending on your viewpoint) video after the jump.

[Via Joysitq]

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