Listen: If someone had asked me what it was that I wanted out of a live show starring a bunch of Marvel Characters, I would've given all the standard answers like big fights and special effects, but I would've also specifically requested that they find a way to throw in dirtbikes and skateboard tricks. I mean, those are my favorite things, but I would know, even as I was asking, that it probably wouldn't happen.

And yet, here we are with a new video about the upcoming Marvel Universe LIVE! arena show, and there are dirtbikes and skateboards. Like, there is actually a halfpipe and a dude straight up doing a Boneless. And, I guess, there's also some cool special effects and a teaser that characters like Captain Marvel and Black Cat will be showing up, but really: dirtbikes and skateboards.

As revealed by director Shanda Sawyer in the video above, the arena show -- set to kick off this Summer and definitely selling at least one ticket during its stop in Columbia, SC -- will feature plenty of stunts to keep the modern theatergoer entertained. Specifically, there are people busting through walls, dudes being set on fire, giant robots that may or may not actually be the Hulk, karate fights, and everything else that keeps my heart warm in this cold, cold world.

Sawyer, along with Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, also reveals the "Lectro Link," a wrist-mounted tchotchke that will be sold in the arena and will allow kids to "become part of the show" by providing Iron Man with a power source for his armor. And really, kids, if your parents don't let you rescue Iron Man by buying you a light-up wristband for what I guess is going to be around $20 [Senior Editor's Note: Um, actually Chris, it's $25], then I guess theyjust don't love you. Or maybe they just hate Iron Man. Maybe check to see if your parents are members of AIM before asking for tickets. If they have a giant head and rocket pants, that's a tipoff.

Seriously though, the more I see about this, the more excited I am. Karate, dudes on fire, and dirtbike and skateboard stunts? At the rate they're going, they're about to announce that the Avengers will be joined by the stars of New Japan Pro Wrestling and the Power Rangers. That is the only way they could make me want this more.